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Solar PV System and Earthing & Lightning Solution

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Why Need a Solar PV System?

Manage your energy cost through our strategic energy management system. We offer a comprehensive Solar Photovoltaic one-stop solution, with the objective of helping our customers to prioritize cost savings.

Whether the system is On-Grid, Off-Grid or Hybrid solar PV system, our esteemed team of energy analysts, engineers and specialists will help you optimize your energy usage

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More than


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CO2 Emission Reduction

Why need a Earthing & Lightning Solution?

Protect your property by diverting lightning away from it. Our team of passionate engineers are dedicated to provide you a wide range of services in Structural Lightning Protection, Earth Termination and Surge Protection.


Projects Completed in Malaysia


Lightning Conduction Used in Malaysia


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Power Up with Pekat Today!

Inviting commercial and residential owners with spacious rooftops to convert buildings into a self-generating power device to save electricity

What is a Solar PV System?

A Photovoltaic (PV) system is composed of one or more Solar panels combined with an inverter, other electrical, and mechanical hardware that use energy from the sun to generate electricity.

Who needs a Solar PV System?

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Buildings

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Solar PV System Service Range We Provide:

EPCC & Solar Investor

We offer end-to-end solutions from design, procurement, construction and commissioning and a flexible range of financial solutions to suit our clients requirements

RE Asset Management

Pekat provides after-sales-service to ensure the optimal performance and continuity of your investment.

Liaison with Authorities

We represent you to official bodies such as SEDA, GreenTech, TNB, SESB and Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) including submissions for MIDA Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) and other tax incentives

Finance & Insurance

Ability to advise on the latest options of finance and insurance for solar pv system. To secure our customer with the best financial model and coverage on their investment.

What is a Earthing & Lightning Solution?

During an unintended electrical event, such as a short circuit, power surge or lightning strike, our total solution approach leads unintended electricity from the power source through the earth continuity conductors into the earth lead and then into the earth electrode, where it is dissipated into the earth

With the addition of our surge protection solution, your electronic systems are protected.

Who Needs Earthing & Lightning Solution?

Commercial and Residential Buildings

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Earthing & Lightning Solution Service Range We Provide:

Structural Lightning Protection

Structural lightning protection systems channel lightning strike energy in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network thus eliminating any hazards and giving protection to the structure as well as the lives of the people inside.

Surge Protection

With high-voltage damages, the need for surge protection on both structural and electronic system is significant. Most electronic systems are at risk including personal computers, data communication networks, building management systems, security equipment and more.

Earth Termination

An earth termination system allows lightning current to dissipate into the general mass of earth through an earth electrode. The number of electrodes used is determined by the risk assessment calculation that varies depending on the building parameters, materials, height or architecture finishing.


Founded in 1999 to provide Earthing and Lightning solutions, PEKAT quickly grew to a prominent brand name in the industry, renowned for providing reliable and innovative engineering solutions.

Backed by a team of passionate engineers, PEKAT continued to become one of the earliest pioneers in Malaysia to provide end-to-end Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Solutions.

Today we are strong with over 150 skilled, dedicated and comprehensive workforce.

Why Choose Us

Over 21 years of engineering experience

Good governance company – listed in ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia

Lightning leader in Malaysia – designed with lightning protection system in mind

Provide highest quality and value-added solar PV and Earthing & Lightning solution

Most sustainable EPCC company with good technical support and after sales service

Awards & Recognition

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

"Pekat’s team completed the entire Solar PV system project with satisfaction to our every requirement, achieving all our set targets. Their knowledge and expertise was evident throughout the process. We have already started seeing the benefits!"

Chan Heng Wah / KIP REIT

"Project execution was smoothly delivered and the system commissioned successfully before the deadline."

Vengadachalam / OCK Setia Engineering Sdn Bhd

"The installation process for the PV Solar System was very good, indeed. Pekat team have really listened to everything we wanted to achieve from this project and we are looking forward to notice the savings that will be made from this installation."

Mohd Rosnizam Zailan / PERSADA PLUS

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